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Lisa Gaskin, LMFT
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My practice is one that will offer you safety, warmth, and a confidential  “sacred space” wherein you can allow yourself the vulnerability to let go, confront, and heal.

Although my orientation is integrative and holistic, drawing upon psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and somatic psychotherapeutic approaches, I am conservative in the sense that I adhere to methods that are empirically supported and sound.

I am able to employ brief therapeutic techniques for those clients who prefer a solution-focused type of treatment, yet I understand, believe strongly in, and have extensive experience in depth psychology for more complex issues.

I grew up in a household where psychology was normal, everyday fare, as my stepfather was a psychoanalyst. I have endured many life challenges and have suffered great losses of my own that enable my therapeutic approach to be one of empathy, diversity, and great compassion for my clients’ struggles.

We become what we think about.
- Earl Nightingale

My Approach

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families through various life challenges and passages. My clinical approach is eclectic as there is no “one size fits all” orientation that can consider the “whole” of a person nor the diversity amongst people in general. I am trained in and have an extensive background in Mindfulness and the mind/body connection, and have been a long-time senior yoga practitioner and teacher. I employ techniques and anecdotes based on what I observe and perceive a person needs. My intuitive sense is acute and I use this skill to hone in and focus attention toward the source of the pain, as well as the possible dysfunction in its present day manifestation.

Among others, I apply strategies of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Psychodynamics, Humanistic/Existential, Somatic, Solution-focused, and Family Systems. I am EMDR Institute trained. I’m fascinated by the concept of Imago and utilize this therapeutic paradigm in my couples’ work. Mental fitness is my mantra when coaching adolescents and college students in developing effective study habits, responsibility, and self-discipline, as well as with business executives seeking solutions for time management issues, priority setting, and interpersonal skills.


•  Women in Crisis
•  Anxiety
•  Depression
•  Self-Esteem
•  Life Transition
•  Premarital Counseling
•  Couples Therapy
•  Marriage Therapy
•  Post-natal Counseling
•  Dealing with Divorce
•  Integration of Blended Families
•  Grief & Loss
•  Young Adults
•  Teenagers

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